Half pay for travel / days off...

What is acceptable and what isn't...

Do you think it's fair to be paid less for a travel day / day off on tour?

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Re: Half pay for travel / days off...

Unread postby BubbaSez on Sat Jul 05, 2008 6:46 pm

Full pay all the time.

By saying we're lucky to get the work, you are playing into the hands of cheapskate management. That's the sort of shit you tell your workforce when there's high unemployment - "The are scores of people lining up to work in this bureau de change!" Cracking the whip is as old as slavery and needs to fuck off.

If we're so lucky to get the gig, why do they ask us back? Because we're good. If you employ good people, you pay good wages. If you don't pay good wages, you're going to get crap people. On a short tour, a band can get away with employing a load of c**ts because the likelihood of gear breaking down is reduced.
Long tour? Every single day becomes a nightmare if you get the wrong people in. And how do you get the wrong people? By paying shitty wages.

An agreeable weekly wage is a good compromise. You can spin it whatever way you like that way. If there's no weekly wage, it's probably a short tour. Which as mentioned above, they can get away with by employing crap people.

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Re: Half pay for travel / days off...

Unread postby bettyaggro on Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:35 pm

Full Pay.

I have, on occasion, done deals if it was a gig I really wanted to do. Or, say, it was January and the fear was setting in.
Maybe if you are a rookie who finds it all exciting then you can put up with that sort of crap.
Not me. There are no true days off on tour.
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Re: Half pay for travel / days off...

Unread postby dmacaudio on Thu Feb 26, 2009 7:52 pm

I had a 1/2 pay for days off deal several times in the past and it worked out rather well actually. Although I have to admit the scale for "gig days" seemed to be higher than it is now. I made the day rate about 20-25% higher to start with. This works much better with a group that consistently gigs at least 5 times per week but its also a good bargaining point for new groups on tour who may be still booking gigs as they go. Perhaps also a tour is not going so well and they have to cancel shows, this might make one look really good (flexibility in uncertain economic times is attractive to employers!)

Obviously we all like to get a salary for maximum compensation, but this is just one more good option to use to stay competitive in this job market.
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Re: Half pay for travel / days off...

Unread postby Andy on Sat Apr 11, 2009 8:15 am

I have actually worked, not for very long, for bands/managements who only paid for show days and nothing for days off and travel days. Mind you in the world of theatre it used to be standard practice for everyone to pay for and find their own accommodation.
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