Lousy Technicians/Funny episodes

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Lousy Technicians/Funny episodes

Unread postby Chewbaka on Thu Jan 29, 2009 3:58 am

I got 2 stories to start with.

#1: European band goes to tour the states and is told that there'll be a guitar tech for them. This guitar tech is a musician that played already in a famous band and is starting to promote his own band. He posts on his personal website page that he'll be touring with this European band "but not to play with them just to give them a hand" sort of helping them out. (he was being payed)
Results: -Guitar players always had to tune their own guitars on stage since the beginning of almost every show if they wanted to play tuned.
-Important gear was lost like leather guitar straps, screws from guitar parts and (this is amazing)...:
-A completely broken truss rod from a 5 string, very good bass guitar. (when i received this guitar to try and fix it i simply couldn't believe it, showed it to another luthier and he was astonished as well). Good thing the endorsement solved the problem by providing a new instrument.

#2: European band brings a technician from the states to tour with them in Europe, only one guitar (that had to be restringed everyday) and one bass guitar to take care of and on the 3rd or 4th show i saw this:
During changeover he wasn't at all at ease with anything there, we could see that he had a funny way to handle cabinets and amplifiers while placing it with water bottles falling from it to the floor, misplaced microphones, etc.
The gig starts, the guy didn't know where to be positioned on stage (space was not much a problem) and had to be the TM to point him the place where he should be. The guitar player calls him and really pissed off tells him "the volume should be on 7 and it was on 3, how couldn't you hear that during line-check?"
By the 4th or 5th song one guitar string breaks, the musician leaves the guitar by the amp and cab and leaves the stage. The tech, instead of taking the guitar, runs after the musician and asks "What should i do?", the answer: "Put me to play"
the guy: "but i have no strings, i forgot them on the bus, that's why i didn't restringed the guitar today" (the bus was a few hundred meters away from the venue and i saw this guy spending the whole afternoon in the dressing room on his laptop)
musician: "I don't care, put me to play, borrow a guitar, ask for strings, whatever..."
Then some guys from the guest bands arrived and knowing what was going on put in his hands a bunch of guitar strings for him to work it out. Then he asked the TM to bring him his plumber-like toolbox and said: "ok, i'll do this in two times" with the guitar on his lap, sitting on the stairway.
After some continuous instructions from the guitar player about micro tuning, nutlock that apparently he didn't knew and a lot of shaking while trying first to replace the string correctly and then to tune it some 10 minutes at least have passed and the rest of the band still on stage waiting, he finally shouts out in a high pitched crying voice: "Oh my god i can't tune it!"
Then the player just grabbed the guitar and went onstage saying:"enough, i'll do it myself" and did it on his stage tuner. and the show carried on while the guy was still saying "wait, wait, it's not locked".
I seriously believe that this guy was paying the band shitloads of money to let him screw that big.
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Re: Lousy Technicians/Funny episodes

Unread postby 30x90 on Mon Feb 02, 2009 2:00 pm

Boy, that's a damn shame...typical, though.Guitar players already think they know everything anyway.
There's 2 things everone in the world apparently thinks they know..1 is their own job and 2 is guitars :evil:

So...it would be safe to say there's an opening for a QUALIFIED, EXPERIENCED tech with that act?...got their phone number?
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Re: Lousy Technicians/Funny episodes

Unread postby Chewbaka on Mon Feb 02, 2009 5:26 pm

;) I'm already there, dude.
I'm not asleep at the wheel.
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